The American Women’s Club of Montreal would like to welcome you with a very warm “Bonjour” to our website and invite you to navigate around and discover our broad range of fun social activities and information.

Whether you’re looking for help getting settled in or even if you’ve lived here for a while and are just looking to socialize and further explore the charms of Montreal with fellow members and friends, well look no further.

We are here to ease your transition to the Montreal area, by providing you with an introduction to the practical, social, cultural aspects of your new home town, our “La Belle Ville”.

Originally a social service club, when it started over 96 years ago, we are a diverse, dynamic, dedicated group of American woman who have lived, served and celebrated our adopted community of Montreal while actively aiding many charity and community concerns of our city and suburbs.

Come, join us, let us share our enthusiasm with you, together we will laugh and experience Montreal. For further information please see our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,Your President of
The American Women’s Club of Montreal